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Trent McConaghy: Blockchain Infrastructure Landscape: A First Principles Framing

How are Ethereum, IPFS/Filecoin, and BigchainDB complementary? What about Golem, Polkadot, or Interledger? I often get questions like this. So, I decided to write about how I answer those questions, via a first-principles framing. The quick answer: …there’s no one magic system called “Blockchain” that magically does everything. Rather, there are really good building blocks of computing that can be used together to create effective decentralized applications. Ethereum can play a role, BigchainDB can play a role, and many more as [...]

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Swiss “Crypto Valley” to Create Digital Identities for Its Citizens on the Ethereum Blockchain

Zug, a Swiss town with the population of nearly 30,000 citizens, has been famous for its dedication to cryptocurrencies. Zug has been called the “Crypto Valley” of the financial world since many of its citizens are entrepreneurs who specialize in digital currencies. Numerous Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts have flocked to the town to take advantage of the entrepreneurial environment and the crypto-awareness of the citizens. Last year, the town even began accepting bitcoin payments for government services on a trial basis. [...]

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Hyperledger Releases Open-Source Production Ready Blockchain Software, Fabric 1.0

The Linux Foundation-led open-source Hyperledger blockchain consortium has released its first production-ready blockchain software in the formal release of Hyperledger Fabric 1.0. Heralding the release as a ‘huge milestone’ for a community of over 140 members representing a multitude of industries, Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee Chair and technical chief of open technology at IBM Chris Ferris underlined the effort of 159 engineers from 27 organizations contributing to the Hyperledger Fabric. The project was initially contributed by New York-based industry startup Digital [...]

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A New Pro-Bitcoin, Ethereum Association Launches in the German Parliament

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will gain support in Germany with the founding of a new nationwide federal digital currency and blockchain lobby group called the ‘Blockchain Bundesverband’ – the German Federal Blockchain Association. The official founding of the new association took place in the German Bundestag, Germany’s parliamentary building, in Berlin on Thursday. According to local publication t3n, the launch of the association was open for a number of attendees with invitations sent to German members of parliament to [...]

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Accenture Backs the Blockchain as Aviation Sector Disruptor

Leading global professional services company Accenture is backing blockchain technology as one of the next major disruptors in the aerospace sector. The firm believes the technology will be fully applicable to the aviation industry in the next two years and will lead to improved time and cost management. Speaking at the 2017 Paris Air Show, John Schmidt, Head of Aerospace and Defense at Accenture, expressed the company’s belief that blockchain technology will be beneficial to the sector. "I really see this [...]

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China’s Central Bank is Already Testing Its Own National Digital Currency

According to a paper published in the academic journal Tsinghua Financial Review and online, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), China’s central bank, is currently testing its own national digital currency with fake transactions between it and some of the country’s commercial banks. Since the central bank is seemingly proceeding with caution there is no set timetable for the deployment of the currency, and its plan, according to officials, is to issue it alongside the Chinese Yuan. The issuance of a [...]

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Antshares Rebrands, Introduces NEO and the New Smart Economy

Antshares Rebrands, Introduces NEO and the New Smart EconomySometimes called "China's Ethereum," Antshares rebrands as Neo and lays out its roadmap for the future of blockchain tech in China.At a gathering at the Microsoft headquarters in Beijing on Thursday, with about 200 people in attendance, Antshares, the first open-source blockchain platform developed in China, announced a complete rebranding of its blockchain solution, as well as a number of other developments detailing their ambitious plans forward.One of the revelations was the platform’s [...]

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OpenLedger Secures $1.6 Million, Partners Chinese Public Blockchain

A group of Chinese, European and American investors has invested $1.6 million in OpenLedger Aps, based in Pandrup, Denmark, enabling OpenLedger to proceed with four projects, the company announced on its website. OpenLedger secured the investment from its Asian-U.S. tour led by CEO Ronny Boesing, who spoke at New York, Seoul and Shanghai conferences. OpenLedger also secured a partnership with ViewFin, China’s first public blockchain, and an agreement to have the OpenLedger currency listed on two Chinese exchanges. OpenLedger is also [...]

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Dubai Airport to go Passport-Free with Blockchain Tech

The government of Dubai has signed a new agreement with UK-based blockchain startup ObjectTech to develop digital passports for entry at Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic. The agreement sees ObjectTech working with Dubai’s Immigration and Visas Department to develop a solution that combines biometric verification with blockchain technology. The goal is to put an end to manual passport verification checks for seamless entry. Or, according to ObjectTech’s announcement, the “world’s first ‘gate-less border’”.Moore specifically, the [...]

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The main challenge for aircraft tracking is not technology, but information management

At the well-attended 2017 Flight Location and Data Recovery Conference in Hamburg, EUROCONTROL joined aircraft manufacturers, airlines, air navigation service providers, industry and governmental/intergovernmental bodies to exchange information and views on the implementation of the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) Concept that has been developed in response to the tragedies of AF447 (2009) and MH370 (2014). GADSS is moving forward, and as a first step, aircraft tracking is now scheduled to be implemented by airlines in oceanic airspace without [...]

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