Development of Projects, Concepts and Software Solutions.

Initiation and preparation of medium- to long-term development projects and focused research applications for funding programs are areas in which the team of Avitacs has international experiences and developed a European-wide specialization as well. We are paying special attention based on our holistic approach to the fact, that the developed projects and programs are not one-time events due to the funding for our clients but a sustainable basis for future business developments. The optimization of multi-modal transport networks to combine international air transport with the other European transport modes is another specialization of our experts.

In support of these measures we are developing targeted and tailor-made software solutions together and for our clients with our partner organizations. Also we are providing efficiency improvement measures in combination with a sustainable optimization of internal process operations to achieve better operational capacities for our clients in the aviation industry.

We are developing together with our clients tailor-made corporate programs for medium- to long-term development projects which can extend from a written project idea to a fully developed implementation plan. In the framework of feasibility studies we are reviewing the targeted partial aspects like market-, utilization-, financial-, competitor- and risk analysis and combine them all in the implementation plan.

Based on these we a building a control structure of clearly defined but complementary individual projects, enriching them with potential funding programs and calls and ultimately support our clients also during the implementation and execution phase of the implementation plan through our expert team. In the course of this, we are utilizing internal and external tools and processes of our clients to support these undertakings analogically to the practices of international project management activities.

The development of program-tailored research applications has been developed more and more as a core competence of Avitacs in recent years. Especially the development of sustainable and implementable project concepts, an optimized composition for the international project teams, an adequate project and financial plan for all partners as well as the focused developed of the ultimate research application has to be observed with special care here.

We are further specialized on the development and coordination of complementary research applications across the borders geographically oriented funding programs in the framework of interdisciplinary and transnational cooperation. In doing this, we are taking also care on the cultural – and organizational frameworks of all our clients organizations as well.

In the process of developing software we are sticking to the principles of agile software development. By this, we are trying to utilize a minimum of administrative efforts and rules to be able to adjust immediately to needed changes arising during the software development process.

Our programmer teams are constantly reducing the pure design phase to a minimum to reach as early as possible in the software development cycle the point of an executable software package which is further reviewed together with the clients in short and regular time frames. Through this, we are capable to adapt the developments in a flexible manner to new needs of our clients and further increase our clients satisfaction rate as well.

The optimization of multi-modal transport networks in combination of international air transport services with other European transport modes has gained significant importance in recent years. Simple cost reductions are not interesting to our customers any more, but much more an increase of efficiency in processes and an optimized utilization of available resources.

To take the different scenarios of our clients into account, we can offer (based on the requirements of our clients) state-of-the-art research and optimization approaches, develop in-house optimization algorithms for dedicated hardware platforms and integration of other software products and – services available on the market as well. We are paying special attention on the integration of current research results and – developments within all our optimization approaches and implementation concepts.

The implementation of efficiency improvement measures in combination with a sustainable optimization of internal process operations is of special importance for all our clients in the global aviation industry. Volatile fuel prices, a competitive market, an increased competitive pressure from international alliances and a difficult international financing framework has demanded steep cuts into aviation organizations in recent years.

The current signs of a recovery for some organizations is a superb starting point for continuing the needed efficiency improvement measures in combination with the optimization of old process structures and – procedures. Avitacs is supporting our clients with associated support measures during the planning, controlling and also the practical implementation phases for each single improvement measure in our clients organization.