Build-up of interdisciplinary Teams and Management Support.

Our experts are specialized on the build-up of transnational and interdisciplinary teams, which are operating either in the framework of temporary research projects or in medium- to long-term development projects and which are complementary put together. Depending on the selected tasks by our clients, these teams are operating on project -, support and also implementation tasks which are analyzing, assessing and supporting dedicated processes within the holistically set-up project management process from a timely, content-wise and financial perspective as needed.

Based on the different person certificates like aviation auditor for airlines, internal auditor aerospace following AS/EN/JISQ 9100, risk management according ONR 49000/ISO 31000, etc. are the experts from Avitacs capable to analyze processes and requirements in our client’s organizations holistically and provide targeted recommendations and adapted steering processes for implementation. Especially the scope of medium-term human resource development and the build-up of own staff capacities within our client’s organizations is supported through our coaching experts by conducting dedicated seminars in our client’s organizations as well as periodical recertification workshops which are anchored in the corporate culture as well.

The setup and management of transnational research teams has become particular challenging in our increasingly complex economies, as a substantial part of today’s working time in research projects has to be used for additional coordination, reconciliation and the clearing out of cultural misunderstanding. Making it even further difficult are different research locations across global time zones and often incompatible project management approaches as well.

We are collecting frame work conditions, time plans and organizational units of research personal already in the initial interview phase and are tailoring a special time -, information – and communication concept which further supports the research team by the usage of modern ICT tools as well.

Implementation teams are of special significance for corporate collaboration between the employees and stake holders of our clients. Our experts are looking for particular skills in improvement of internal communication, an intuitive sense for changing situations of affected employees, coaching qualification and practical experiences in managing interdisciplinary and transnational teams are only a few basic requirements when we are assembling an implementation team.

Depending on the needs of our clients we are also supporting their assembled internal implementation teams on a content-wise level through finance – or communication experts for research projects or on an organizational level through customized IT-tolls or special coaching workshops.

The organizational and process-sided requirements in managing European funding projects are often contrary to the established processes in day-to-day operations of successful companies. But a comprehensive and careful preparation towards the management of funding projects is the key element for a successful project implementation.

Based on the experiences and requirements of our clients are our experts developing jointly with our clients a tailor-made implementation plan for the specific process needs of funding programs and support them also in the practical implementation within their organizations. Furthermore, we can provide expertise from the fields of project -, finance – and communication management on request of our clients to ensure also the best possible implementation support from the view point of a funding program too.


When standardized steering processes are in place, it ensures a quicker pick up of innovations within and between corporations as well. Especially in today’s globally connected aviation industry is the compliance across corporate boundaries to unified defined and auditable steering processes of enormous importance for trouble-free production processes.

Particularly when new findings from research and development reach their market maturity, then world-wide unified standards and transparent steering processes are the key elements for a successful market introduction. Our experts support our clients based on their proven person certifications through consulting in development of -, certification in – and auditing of these international standards and steering process frameworks.

Every organization today is thriving to develop the people working in the company to safeguard its own competitive advantages in their markets and develop them further towards high achievers.

Avitacs is supporting our clients in these regards with individual workshop and coaching programs, development of medium-term focused educational programs in combination with available certifications from their core markets up to the conception and implementation of virtual corporate universities together with our partner organizations.